Sunday, May 17, 2015

Project Life: Week 16

Hi there :)

Well my blog is well over-due for an update so here’s Week 16: 13th - 19th April

This was the second week of the school holidays and looking back on it I definitely got a lot of things done during the week.  Here’s an overview:FULL_1

On Monday night Game of Thrones began it’s 5th Season.  Krystal and Chris are really into Game of Thrones as well and since Mike and I subscribe to the SOHO channel and they don’t we asked them to join us to watch each episode.  We also decided that Monday night would be ‘dessert’ night. 

Since I had a bit of time to ‘play’ in the kitchen I came up with a ‘deconstructed passionfruit and lemon cheesecake’.  It was actually really simple to make but it looked (and tasted) pretty amazing!

Meanwhile, Mike made us American hot dogs for dinner which happens to be one of our favourite ‘easy dinners’.

Here’s a close up to the start of the week:LEFT_1

Mike and I had been looking for a ‘winter’ duvet set for our room.  We looked in heaps of different places but couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for and then we popped in to Harvey Normans and there it was… and it was on sale too!  For now we’ve teamed it up with the black Euro pillows from another duvet but Mike REALLY likes the red ones that actually go with the duvet.  I like the red ones too but they’re $45 each so for now they can stay in the shop!

On Tuesday night Mike brought home his new painting gear and did a little ‘show and tell’.  He’s really happy with the new gear but Toby didn’t like it at all… he barked and growled and tried to hide and then barked again.  As soon as Mike took off his head gear Toby was a happy puppy again LOL

One thing Toby did have right though was sunbathing outside his ‘day room’ on Wednesday.  It was actually warmer outside than it was inside and Toby made the most of it. 

While he was busy sunbathing I got busy finishing off the travel album I started at Autumn Escape. You can check out the album HERE if you missed it.  It now sits proudly up on the bookshelf and I really love how it turned out.

While I was busy making my album Tracey rang to ask if she and the kids could come through and stay for a couple of days.  I knew I was going to Tauranga on Thursday to visit the Education Resource Centre but it worked out perfectly because they weren’t arriving until at least 5pm.

Toby was super excited to see Auntie and his cousins again!  He’s really missed the kids since we moved back from Gisborne and he spent most of the night following them around and keeping an eye on what they were doing!

Here’s a close up of the second part of the week:RIGHT_1

Mike ended up working a short day on Friday so when he got home by mid morning we decided that it was time to go and get some firewood.  Luckily we still had the big trailer because we ended up doing a couple of loads of wood. 

Then we all headed into town for some lunch.  We decided that Brew would be a good place to try and I had the eggs benedict which was totally delicious.  We definitely enjoyed spending a bit of time eating out as a family and Brew has a brilliant menu for the kids so it was a perfect choice.

After lunch Tracey and the kids headed into the shopping mall to have a look around while Mike and I did a couple of jobs from the ever-growing ‘to do’ list.  While we were at the chemist we spotted a pretty perfume display and I was quite taken with the ‘Kimberly Glitz’ perfume.  It’s a knock off of Kim Kardashian’s Glam perfume.  I haven’t actually seen her Glam perfume but I really like the Glitz one!

On Saturday, Tracey and the kids headed back to Gisborne and Mike and I went shopping for a sofa bed for the family room.  Now that it’s colder and we’re lighting the fire at night it’s quite nice to sit up in the family room to watch TV in front of the fire. 

Mike had to work on Sunday so I went into school for the day.  By 5pm I was totally over it but I still had my big whiteboard to do.  I was trying to create sections using masking and washi tape but my eyes weren’t really seeing straight so Mike came down to help me out.  In the end the board turned out fantastically well and all the lines are straight!

So that was our week.  Lots of interesting little things with plenty of family time as well… it was a perfect end to the school holidays!

I hope you’re all having a fab weekend xx

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Project Life – a couple of inserts!

I’ve gotten a little behind on my blog again but not to worry… I’ve still been keeping the calendar updated and I’ve got loads of photos so I’m sure it will happen as soon as I get a chance.

In the meantime, I had so many photos from Autumn Escape that I decided to do an insert.  Here’s the front of the page:insert front_1

The set up at the candy table was gorgeous! There were so many things to see and I loved the vintage feel of it all.  It was definitely luxurious at the resort and a gorgeous setting for taking photos. 

Here’s the back of the insert page:insert back_1

Miss Jane gave Esther a hair cut on Saturday night and did an amazing job… I didn’t get the courage to have my hair trimmed until Sunday morning by which time we’d already handed in our keys to our rooms so I had mine done outside!

While we were looking for somewhere to do the haircut we came across some beautiful toadstools so I had to get some photos… even if I did have to get down on the wet grass LOL  We also met a very friendly little fantail!

The following week Jodi sent me a copy of the group photo so I’m going to use a 5x7 insert as well… that’s a first for me!

Here’s the front of the mini insert:5 x 7 front_1

And on the back I’ve got a couple of mementoes from the weekend:5 x 7 back_1

It was a really fabulous weekend :)

Now to catch up with the rest of April!  Have a great day xx

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Project Life: Week 15 & a mini album

Hi there :)

Last week seems like such a long time ago… mostly because so many things have happened since then.  Here’s an overview of our week:FULL_1

This week marked the start of the school holidays and of course with Easter thrown in there as well Mike and I both had Monday off work.  Originally we were going to meet up with a couple of my friends down in Taupo for brunch but there was a last minute change of plans so Mike and I met up with Carey for brunch at the Fat Dog in Rotorua.

I decided to try their eggs benedict since it’s one of my favourites but Mike couldn’t make up his mind so he just said ‘surprise me’.  One thing I know about Mike is that he LOVES waffles so when I saw waffles with bacon and banana on the menu it was a bit of a no-brainer really.  We ended up sharing our breakfasts so it worked out well for us.

We also scoffed the chocolate Easter Bunny that Mum gave us… very delicious!

Here’s a close up of the start of our week:LEFT_1

Mike had a change of jobs last week… well to be more accurate he’s actually doing the same job but with a different company.  He had his last day on Wednesday so now there will be no more TBS shirts hanging on the washing line.

On Thursday we had planned on going for a bike ride over to Hamilton and spending the day together but the rain decided to get heavy and we weren’t too keen on getting cold and wet so we did a few jobs around the house and then headed into town to do a few jobs.

Since we’d missed out on our lunch in Hamilton we went to Brew instead and I had the Bourbon beef salad for lunch.  It was totally delicious and is still one of my favourite things from their menu.  Mike had the big breakfast (surprise surprise) but he said it was delicious!

Later that day Esther arrived from Wellington so she came with us when I had to go to my doctors appointment.  I’ve had a horrible cough for several weeks now and to be honest I thought it might have become a bit of a chest infection but after a check up with the doctor it might just be a little more than that so for now I’m having to use an inhaler and I’ve had blood tests and a chest x-ray this week.  I’ve also got a Spirometry test tomorrow.

After we’d been to the doctors we headed down to the supermarket to pick up some fresh seafood and fish and Mike and I made our seafood chowder to share with Esther for dinner.  We’ve got it down to a fine art now and Esther gave it her seal of approval.

Here’s a closer look at the rest of the week:RIGHT_1

On Friday Esther and I packed up our cars and headed down to Taupo for Autumn Escape.  Esther talked me into going to Autumn Escape around October or November last year… AND it was in the school holidays so it worked out well for me.  I booked myself into a couple of Teresa Collins’ classes and the first one was on Friday.  She’s a great tutor and a lovely person.  Esther and Jane both joined in on the class as well and we had a blast… PLUS I’ve actually finished my album!

Meanwhile, while I was away catching up with some of my scrappy friends, Mike had Brody and Lane around and with chainsaw in hand they cut down one of the big trees we’d decided needed to go.  There were three HUGE trees in the corner of the backyard and since I bought the house over eight years ago they’ve grown… and grown… and grown some more and they were blocking off a huge amount of light.  Plus they made a fairly big area of the backyard pretty unusable. 

We’d had someone come and look and he’d said he would cut the trees down for us but Mike had just borrowed a chainsaw off Mum… and he’d had it serviced and a new blade put on it… SO he HAD to test it out!!  Well that’s what he tried to tell me LOL

Brody and Lane arrived just at the right time so they all had a bit of ‘boy fun’ (Toby included!) and got busy in the back yard.  On Friday the first tree came down and on Saturday the next one bit the dust.  There’s still one more to go but I’m sure that won’t last long once the weekend arrives.

When I got home from Taupo on Sunday afternoon Mike and I decided to head over to Tauranga to get a few t-shirts for Mike to wear to work.  We called in to see Mark and Rattaya and they invited us to join them for dinner at a local Indian restaurant.  Mum came with us as well and we had a great night catching up, chatting and trying out new dishes.

I know I haven’t told you much about Autumn Escape but I’m working on an insert for my Project Life album so I’ll share it when it’s finished.

I got the basic travel album from Teresa’s class done on the Friday night of Autumn Escape but I knew I wanted to add some more photos to it so yesterday I got busy selecting photos and went and had them printed.  This morning I put them all together and added the finishing touches so now the album is done.

Here’s the front cover:

Album cover front

We used Teresa’s Wanderlust collection featuring black, white and gold designs and I love how it really made my photos pop!  I decided to make my travel album about our trips on the bike so all the photos feature the bike, places we’ve visited and food!

Here’s a selection of the inside pages… there’s flip ups, envelopes, tags, fold outs and all sorts of things to make the album quite interactive.


There’s heaps more pages than this in the album but this gives you the general idea.  I’ve added stickers, stamps, and plenty of bling to the album as well.

On the back page I decided to use a photo that was taken during the class along with my little ticket. 

Album cover back

So there you have it!  One finished project and a whole lot of fun!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’re having a great week xx

Monday, April 6, 2015

Project Life: Week 14

Another week has flown by and it’s now the school holidays.  I’d like to say that I’m actually having a holiday but I’ve still got loads of paperwork to do so I’ll be going to school for a few more days yet.

Meanwhile, here is a look at the overview for Week 14.FULL_1

The week started off with men doing concreting in the driveway.  Several weeks ago when they had to cut into the driveway to fix the water toby they said they’d be back ‘later’ to redo the concrete… and it seems like ‘later’ meant this week.  They did a good job and it looks great now!

This week was really packed at school… we had two nights of parent-teacher interviews, Whaea Hiria had her last week with us, we finished our camp fundraising (hopefully) and we had the draw for the Easter raffle.

Parent-Teacher interviews are always interesting… you DO get to meet a lot of parents but often the parents you really NEED to see are the ones who don’t come.  I did get to meet the parents for 22 of my children so that was pretty good going!

Here’s a close up of the start of the week:LEFT_1

It was Whaea Hiria’s last week with us as she’s taking up a teaching position at another school.  We’ve been so lucky to have her with us and she has made a real impact on the kids.  On Wednesday Hiria bought in pizzas for lunch and the kids enjoyed having a picnic in our classroom… especially when they found out there were chocolate treats as well!

On Wednesday we also had the Easter raffle draw and Madison from my class was lucky enough to win one of the baskets of goodies.  I’m sure her family will be really thrilled with all the chocolate!

My kids also surprised me with an Easter egg and a beautiful card that they’d made for me.  I was so touched by their thoughtfulness.

Here’s a close up of the rest of the week:RIGHT_1

On Friday Mum came over to spend the Easter weekend with us.  The plan was that we were going to attack the blackberry and attack we did!  Mike had organised a trailer and it really didn’t take long to fill it up.  We had blackberry going in all directions and we found the roots were actually quite easy to pull out.  One thing we hadn’t planned on though was finding a wasp nest!

Mike was right up at the top of the retaining wall and the next minute he came flying over the side… shirt coming off as he ran… straight around the garage… hooked up the hose… and washed himself down.  In his own words… ‘There were a PLATOON of wasps’ after him!  He suffered stings on his back, stomach, arms, legs and a really sore one on his ankle.  He felt a bit better after having a shower and luckily we had some arnica cream to help with the soreness.

Later that day we went to the Redwoods to take Toby for a walk and thankfully Mum took her camera with her because we came across a whole forest of toadstools.  They were absolutely stunning to look at and Mum took heaps of photos.  Luckily for me she let me borrow her camera so that I could get a few shots of my own.

On Saturday we carried on in the gardens and then we did two loads to the dump.  The fees weren’t too bad either.  It’s only a single axle trailer but with the high sides we were able to get a LOT into it!  Our first load was all the blackberry along with the rubbish left behind in the garage… $30  We did three more loads over the weekend but they only had green waste and at $10 per load it worked out pretty economically.

On Saturday night we also went out to dinner with Krystal and Chris.  We all like Indian food so we went to the Chimney for dinner.  The food was great but it took a LONG time to arrive and the service was pretty shocking.  I have a feeling we won’t be going back there again.

We did make a new friend over the weekend… Mr Weta decided that he was going to come and see what we were doing in ‘his’ garden.  I’m not a huge weta fan and we don’t normally see them in our garden but this guy was quite impressive!


Mum headed off on Sunday morning to see my sister (it was her 11th wedding anniversary – Happy Anniversary Kate and Simon!) We did our loads to the dump, came home and Mike kept on clipping away at the privot roots and then we got cleaned up and watched a movie together.

It’s been a pretty productive Easter weekend and today we’re heading off to Taupo to have brunch with a couple of my girlfriends.  We definitely feel like we’ve earned a break.

I hope you’re all enjoying your Easter weekend xx

Friday, April 3, 2015

Project Life – Week 13

Hi everyone :)

I got a bit side tracked last weekend and didn’t get my photos organised until this morning.  It’s been a busy week in our household!

Here’s an overview of last week:FULL_1

On Monday after work I took Mike to Sulphur Point to check out where we were going for our school trip on Wednesday.  I knew the area vaguely and just wanted to make sure that things were how I remembered them being.  Mike had never been to Sulphur Point before so it was neat to share it with him.  I took my camera with me (of course) and managed to get some pretty cool shots.

On Wednesday when we went back for our trip I took more photos of the same area and it’s amazing how much the landscape and wildlife changes during the day.  We had a pretty good trip and the kids learnt quite a lot.

Mike decided that he’d better get himself a Rotorua library card this week… not so much because he wants to get books out of the library… but because locals can visit the Museum for FREE if they can show their library card!  There’s lots of places in Rotorua that have special discounts for locals when they have their library cards.  I wasn’t expecting Mike’s card to look so much nicer than mine though!  Maybe I should get myself a new card!!

Here’s a better look at the start of our week:LEFT_1

At the beginning of the year my team leader (Molly) went to Hawaii and when she came home she gave me a box of chocolates.  Mike and I decided to ‘save’ them for Easter and they’ve been hiding away ever since. But… this week we both had hard weeks at work and the chocolates were opened… and they were SCOFFED!  We actually had them over two nights and they were totally delicious!  Thanks Molly xx

On Thursday, Mike and I went to the night market but nothing was really appealing to us so we went to Lady Jane’s and bought ourselves some waffle cones with Kapati ice cream.  If you haven’t tried Kapiti ice cream yet I highly recommend it.  I had vanilla bean which was totally delicious and the other flavour was apple crumble which really did taste like apple crumble!  Yum!

While we’re on the subject of food… Mike and I love seafood chowder.  We often order it if we are out and it’s a firm favourite.  This week I decided to have a go at making my own chowder.  I went through lots of different recipes to get the basics and then went from there.  At the moment we’re trialing different recipes and seafood to see which combinations are our favourites and Mike is a very willing ‘guinea pig’ when it comes to taste testing!

Poor Toby has been needing to have his toenails clipped for several weeks now but unfortunately the place where I usually take him has closed down.  He hates getting them clipped at the vets and he finds it all very traumatic.  Mike decided that we could do it ourselves so we went and bought a pair of clippers… I’ve got a really good pair but they’re in one of the many packed boxes I still need to go through.

On Saturday morning Mike tried to have a ‘man to man’ conversation with Toby about his toenails which ended up being more of a ‘man to difficult teenager’ chat about the ‘edibleness’ of Mike’s arm!  In the end I held Toby while Mike talked calmly to him and within a short amount of time the nails were clipped and done.  Score Toby 0 – Mike 1

Here’s a closer look at the weekend:RIGHT_1

Mike and I spent most of Saturday busy around the house.  Mike and Toby got busy with ‘tree chopping’ in the backyard.  We’ve got a couple of Taiwan Cherry trees that have literally popped up from nowhere!  They are a real pest and difficult to get rid of.  Mike decided that a chainsaw would be his tool of choice and now we have loads more sunshine and so do the neighbours!

After doing all the ‘man work’ in the garden Toby and Mike came inside and Mike had a shower followed by a hot cross bun.  Toby was so sure that he should have a hot cross bun too and reminded me of a couple of those pics you see on the internet:

1  2

Here’s Toby and Mike’s version:


I just couldn’t help myself with that one!

Along with more sunshine we also lost a bit of privacy in the family room so I got busy on the sewing machine and finally got the net curtain ready to hang.  I’ve still got quite a few nets to make but I’ll save them for another day!

Unfortunately the weather decided to pack it in on Saturday afternoon and it was still raining on Sunday so not only did we have to go to the launderette to get the washing dry we also missed out on our bike ride.  We did go over to Tauranga on Sunday but it was in the car instead… although Toby was able to come with us so he was a happy little camper.

So that was our week… I hope yours went well and that you’re enjoying a lovely Easter break xx


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Project Life – Week 12

Hi everyone :)

I was so organised during the weekend getting my photos organised and then we got invited to Krystal’s for dinner and updating my blog went completely out of my head!  It was really nice to catch up with everyone on Sunday night though, so it’s not all bad :)

Here’s an overview of my week:FULL_1

On Monday morning I woke up feeling really awful… body aches, head ache, couldn’t get warm… was the worst feeling, so I stayed at home.  I spent most of the morning lying down with absolutely no energy at all. Mike must have been feeling awful too because he came home early from work.  We decided that ‘comfort food’ was what we needed so we made a big batch of waffle mixture and set everything up on the coffee table.  We spent the rest of the day eating waffles, watching Game of Thrones and dozing.

On Tuesday I wasn’t feeling much better so it was another day at home for me.  I spent most of the day sleeping and trying hard to get well but, to be honest, nothing much was helping.  Maybe I should have tried some Guinness since it was St Patrick’s Day!

On Wednesday I felt a little more human so I headed in to school.  My team leader came into my classroom to see how I was feeling… took one look at me and… sent me home!  She was right to do that because to be honest I slept most of the morning and by about 2pm I was feeling a LOT better.  I even felt well enough to finish mounting some of the kids reading work for our wall display!

Here’s a look at the start of the week:LEFT_1

On Wednesday night I made us a beef casserole but I cooked it in the tagine pot.  It definitely had loads of vegetables and flavour packed into it!

Thursday ended up being a really tiring day and then I had to come home and spend a couple of hours on the phone calling parents about camp money.  HEAPS of parents only have cell phones now and it’s expensive to ring everyone! 

Mikayla and I caught up on the phone on Thursday as well and she’s so happy in Invercargill!  Everything is going really well for her and her whole life has turned around.  She’d put a lovely photo up on Facebook so of course I had to get her to send it to me for my album!

Meanwhile, Mike was feeling pretty awful… similar symptoms to me but he had the body sweats too…. ewww!  Toby wasn’t put off though… he climbed up on the sofa with Mike and kept him company!

Fortunately, by the weekend we were both feeling a lot better and we got to get out on the motorbike and enjoy ourselves!  We did a road trip to Whakatane via Te Puke… BIG detour really!  Two of my nieces had just had birthdays so Mike and I had to drop off some gifts and cards.

Here’s a close up of the weekend:RIGHT_1

The girls were both happy to receive some Lego to add to their growing collection and the funniest part was that my sister and BIL were super keen to build it all for the kids!  Maybe they need their own Lego!

Then we headed down to Whakatane and found a café to have ‘breakfast’.  This time I tried the French toast with bacon and banana.  Although it looks great in the photo I’d have to say that Mike and I were a bit disappointed with our food so we won’t be going back to that particular café again.  However, one cool thing they did have was, two trees outside that were ‘dressed up’ in their winter woolies!  Extremely cool and fab!!!

On the way home we stopped at Lake Rotoma to stretch our legs and take some photos.  The lake looked extremely blue and the lighting was perfect!  We also stopped at a sculpture gallery that I’ve always wanted to go to and we had a great time browsing around all the exhibits.

When we got back to Rotorua, Carey rang me to ask if I wanted to join her for dinner so I quickly got myself organised and went to pick her up… and we both went and coerced Chris into joining us… not that she needed much encouragement really! :)

We had a fab night out catching up… great food and plenty of laughs!!!  As we left the restaurant, Carey spotted the ‘bike tree’ and we went along for a closer look.  There are 150 bikes on the display and the lighting is absolutely stunning!

On Sunday, Mike decided it was time for the privet to go!!!  The privet had really taken off and it was super thick… it was also LADEN with bees!!!  If you walked down to the garage during the day time you couldn’t hear anything because of the buzzing!

It’s now looking very straggly out there and we’ll have to spray some more weed killer because we’ve had rain over the past couple of days but it’s looking a LOT better!

So that was our week.  I hope life is treating you all well and that you’re keeping safe xx

Monday, March 16, 2015

Project Life – Week 11

Hello again! 

I’m at home from work today with a head ache, body ache and sore throat so I thought I’d organise the photos I took during the week.

Here’s an overview of the week:FULL_1

On Monday all the teaching staff received brand new school jackets.  We were all pretty pleased with them and they do look really smart!  We’ve all got class trips coming up so we’ll be proudly wearing our jackets for those!

I got a text from Mikayla this week saying her name badge for her course had arrived… then I got another text telling me her uniform had arrived.  She was really onto it and sent me through some photos,  So nice to see her looking really happy and she looks great in her uniform!

There’s so much going on at work and there really just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day sometimes.  I brought home all my kids self-portraits so that I could get them all mounted for the wall display and Mike offered to give me a hand… it certainly made a long job a LOT quicker!

Here’s a close up of the start of the week:LEFT_1

Unfortunately for Mike he got a speeding ticket on the Harley on Wednesday!  He was so sure that the area he was in was a 70km zone so he was surprised when a cop pulled him over for being 2km over the limit… turns out it was a 50km zone and he was 22km over the limit!

Speaking of the bike, Toby can hear Mike coming home from several streets away.  I got home just before Mike the other day and I’d let Toby inside.  We were having a little chat when he heard Mike’s bike and his ears pricked up instantly.  Then he heard the bike slow down to go around the corner and he jumped up on his bed.  Next thing I know he’s standing full stretch and looking out the window waiting for Mike!  Luckily I had my phone close by or else I would have missed the moment completely!

For the past five weeks I’ve been reading my class Charlotte’s Web and we finished the book on Thursday.  On Thursday night I got busy making cupcakes for the kids.  I’ve just discovered a new vanilla cupcake recipe and it’s awesome!  I made three dozen cupcakes and then I let them cool off while we were watching Game of Thrones.

After dinner I whipped up some pink icing and got busy making the cupcakes look pretty.  I added some pretty blue and pink sprinkles along with some lovely little blue sugar flowers.  I’m really pleased with how they turned out and the kids LOVED them!  We had our video between morning tea and lunch time and the kids had their milk and cupcakes while they watched the movie which was great.

Here’s a look at our weekend:RIGHT_1

On Saturday morning, Mike and I went looking around the car dealers.  Mike’s job is over in Tauranga and for the past few weeks the guy he usually travels with has been on a different job so Mike’s been riding the Harley to work.  Now that winter and all the wet weather is coming it was time to start thinking about a car.  We found exactly what we were looking for at the third car dealers and now we have two Holdens in the family (although the new car won’t be ready to be picked up until later today).  It’s going to be a case of taking which ever car is in the driveway now!

After we’d done all the paper work we decided to go for a ride out of town.  We headed out to Whakamaru and the weather was fabulous.  I love being able to just sit on the back of the bike and watch the scenery go by.  Mike is really good about stopping for photo opportunities for me too!

We stopped at the Whakamaru café for ‘breakfast’ even though it was lunchtime.  We decided to sit outside and eat and it gave me a good opportunity to play around with the camera.  I’m loving some of the photos I’ve been getting lately!

On Saturday night we went out for dinner to celebrate Nina’s birthday at Chapman’s Restaurant.  It was so nice to see Nina looking so happy and her granddaughter was really happy to share her birthday ‘cake’ with her!

In other Toby news… Toby LOVES the weekend!  He knows that he can have a cuddle with Mike in the mornings and he sits and waits for Mike to wake up.  On the weekend poor Toby had to wait… and wait… and wait some more because Mike was having a sleep in and when I went up to the bathroom he seized his opportunity and snuck into the bedroom to wake him up!  Luckily Mike was actually awake when Toby jumped on top of him!

During the week, Mike has continued to work on the ‘day room’ for Toby.  It has now been stained and waterproofed.  Then Mike decided it needed a little bed in there for Toby so he went down and bought a brand new one from The Warehouse along with some foam for a mattress.  He’s even put some ‘carpet’ aka astro turf down to make it more homely for Toby!


We spent most of Sunday tidying up the garage, organising boxes, sorting out stuff and then photographing and listing excess stuff on Rotorua Buy and Sell.  It was a busy day!

Before I go I want to share my two favourite photos from this week.  I’m really enjoying ‘playing’ with my new camera and every now and then I get a shot that make me smile.

This one was taken at our breakfast on Saturday.  It made it into the photo pages for this week but I wanted to share it again.  Loving our breakfasts being in focus but still having the bike in the background. 

Fav photo 2

The other photo was taken at Ohakuri Dam.  We’d stopped there to have a look around and I decided to try and get a couple of photos.  Really pleased with how this one turned out:

Fav photo

Maybe I should start a little mini album of my favourite photos??

Take care and I hope you have a great week xx