Thursday, April 10, 2014

I’m celebrating!

I know my blog has been very neglected this year… and to be honest I’m missing doing my regular posts.  I’ve got to make a plan to get myself back to blogging regularly again… but in the meantime I’ve got a celebration!!


Today marks the day that I am 100 days smoke free!!!


Feeling really good about it and just had to share!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

One Little Word – October pages

Hi everyone :)

There have been tons of things happening around here and I’m trying to catch up on some projects.  I’ve finally managed to get my October pages done for my album so I thought I’d share them with you.

In October 2013 Ali Edwards prompted us to create an art journal page about our word.  For this particular month she wanted us to focus on the PROCESS rather than the end result… and that usually works for me fine… but in October I had so many ‘Choices’ going on in my life that I struggled to focus. 

Roll forward to February 2014 and I was finally able to create my art journal page and it  came together in quite an unexpected way.  I’ve already shared the actual art journal page with you so here’s my pages that will go into my One Little Word album.

PAGE 1_1

During October I was making some pretty big career choices and looking at lots of options surrounding my decisions.  In the end it really did all come down to ‘taking a leap of faith’.

PAGE 2_1

p.s. Once I actually took that ‘leap of faith’ lots of AMAZING things have happened in my life!

Wishing you all a great day xx

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Art journal page for One Little Word

Hi everyone :)

I’ve been struck by a bit of a bug today so I’ve been at home.  I don’t do ‘bored’ very well… in fact it drives me insane… so I decided to have a proper look for my Distress Inks and I found them in the very last container I looked in… but at least I found them!

I also found my notebook of ideas for the October prompt for One Little Word… yes I’m actually catching up on a project!

Last October Ali Edwards prompted us to ‘get messy’ with our word and create an art journal page.  I’d had quite a few ideas last October but nothing would really come together at the time.  This morning I looked at my notes and suddenly saw something that I’d never seen before… a really strong message that I wanted to remember… so with inks located it was time to get messy!

I started off with one of my pages that already had gesso on it and out came my inks:a

I discovered one thing this morning… Distress Inks lift off a gesso’d background REALLY easily!!!  I tried using the heat gun to set the ink but no matter what I did the ink kept lifting… so I decided to use my Distress Paints instead.b

I started off with a few different shades of blue and grey to build up the sky along with a piece of wet and dry foam to help me blend.  Then I moved into the greens:c

I dried it all with a heat gun and then got busy with a bit more inking to create extra depth on my page.  Totally love the way the paints and inks work together.d

Next up was some stamping… I was trying to really create some depth so I did multiple stamped images using the same stamp and a variety of ink.  First up with some Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink:


Then some London Fog Memento ink:


Followed by some Walnut Stain Distress Ink:


I was really enjoying ‘playing’ by this stage so I  got busy with a stencil and some Wild Honey ink to create a hint of sunlight.  It’s not so obvious in the photos but you can see it clearly on the finished page.


I had already cut out a stencil that I wanted to use on this page but in the end I used the ‘center’ of the stencil instead. 


I wanted a darker colour so I used the ‘chocolate’ Gelato and lots of blending with my finger to get exactly the look I wanted.  A quick spray with fixative and she was ready to go!


After she was dry (which takes about a minute) I glued her to my page with mono glue and then started to add some shading with my charcoal pencil and blending it with a damp brush.


If you’re wondering where I’m heading with all this here’s the message I wrote to myself back in October…  There’s lots of choices… just pick the one that ‘speaks’ to you and take a leap of faith!  I really wanted to include part of what I’d written on my page so I got out some neglected stamps and went for it.


And for those who know me well… yes it did tick me off that I got some ‘touch downs’ with the letter stamping!!!  Moving right along… I wanted a bit more on the page and I had a cool ruler stamp that I thought might work:


Umm.. no I don’t think so… then I found some cool Prima resist canvas elementals that Esther gave me ages ago and decided to open the packet and give it a go… lovely, lovely product to work with… thanks Esther xx


I coloured mine with Distress Stains (Rusty Hinge and Faded Jeans) and then added a brad from my stash.  Then of course it was time for the date tag:


My page is now securely adhered into my art journal:


As you can see I’ve actually reached the end of the first signature of pages.  When I put my art journal together I thought I would have plenty of room for two signatures but to be honest this journal is getting really fat so I’m thinking I might take the second set out of the journal and start a new one.


p.s.  I noticed when I put this page in my journal that I’d dated my last page wrong… I did the last page on FEB 15 but the date stamp said JAN 15… I was able to fix it up without too many hassles.


Now that I’ve finally gotten my October art journal page completed I’ll be able to share the rest of my One Little Word album with you soon.  Thanks for all the comments about the last post too… it inspired me to get creative again xx

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I’ve been creative!

Hi everyone :)

Today I finally got my arty stuff out and did something creative.  It’s been a REALLY long time since I actually got inky/painty hands and it was well overdue!

I know I usually take step by step photos but today I just got completely lost in the creative process and forgot all about that until the page was actually done… and of course by that stage I had stuff EVERYWHERE!!

Here’s my finished page before it got put into my art journal.  The page actually curled up quite a bit… must have been all the layers of paint!1

It looked heaps better once it was attached into my art journal:2

And here it is again as a full spread:3

About the only think that I know is not on my page anywhere is Distress Ink… and that’s because I haven’t been able to find ANY of them since I moved! 

I’m still going to carry on with Project Life this year but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep to the same format as the last two years.  I have been taking a lot more photos on my new phone so I’ve got plenty to work with but for now I’m busy adjusting to life in Gisborne, a new relationship and a house that is far too small for all my stuff!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Since we last spoke…

Hi everyone :)

This is my first blog post for the year!  I don’t know where the last few weeks have gone but I wanted to let you know that I’m doing fine… I’m alive… I’m happy and 2014 is proving to be a great year so far.

I was going through Ali Edwards’ blog and saw she’d done THIS post called ‘Around here’.  I liked the idea but came up with my own prompt… so here goes:

Since we last spoke… Toby and I are living in Gisborne and most of the boxes have been unpacked.  There are still things I can’t find but I know they’ll turn up.

Since we last spoke… Mikayla has taken on a job working full-time as an au pair (nanny) and she loves it!

Since we last spoke… Krystal has been accepted into Canterbury University to study teaching… seems she wants to follow in my footsteps.

Since we last spoke… I’ve been ‘smoke-free’ for 28 days!  I’ve also been ‘V’ free for 30 days.  To anyone out there that thinks they can’t do it… I highly recommend Champix because it makes it so much easier. 

Since we last spoke… I’ve finally met someone that I really like and we’ve been spending time together.  It’s REALLY nice to have a ‘someone special’ in my life… and, for now, that’s all I’m going to say on that subject.

Since we last spoke… my car is at the mechanics because the coil and spark plugs have done something really stupid and ‘fried’ themselves.  Thankfully I’ll have my car back tomorrow… along with a bill for $560.00

Since we last spoke… I’ve finished my first day teaching at my new school.  I really enjoy my new team and my new class.  I’ve been warmly welcomed and already making new friends.

blog photo

Since we last spoke… I’ve realised how far behind I’ve gotten with all my projects and I’ve decided to not stress about it so much because that just makes the problem worse.  I WILL catch up… it’s just not going to be today.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Daily: An update finally!

Hi everyone :)

I’ve been MIA for several days… to be honest I just haven’t been feeling all that good and have barely left the sofa.  This morning I’m feeling a bit better so I thought I’d ‘make hay while the sun shines’ and catch up on my December Daily project.

December 23

The 23rd turned out to be a really busy day.  Esther and her elf (Raz) arrived on Monday morning and we spent a bit of time catching up.  Then we were off to pick up Mikayla from the farm.  It’s 120 kilometers there and back so it took up a fairly big portion of our afternoon.

Dougal decided that he wasn’t coming with us because he didn’t like the ‘smells’ in the country.  He’s such a city boy!  Toby on the other hand was NOT going to be left behind.  He wanted to see Jazz (the dog) and Midnight (the pony) and the new little kittens that had been born.  Unfortunately for Toby, Mummy cats don’t like the idea of great big dogs looking at their kittens so it was out of luck on that score!

Esther and I went to Lone Star for dinner which was really great and then we headed to the supermarket.  I figured that it wasn’t going to get any quieter than late in the evening and to be honest I’ve never done my groceries at 10.30pm before but it wasn’t too bad!

Text_1When we got home from Pak’N’Save it was really late but Dougal and Raz were quiet happy to help us out with the groceries… I think they might have been hoping for some treats!

Dougal also helped me with my teriyaki marinade for the chicken nibbles and in spite of me telling him that it wouldn’t taste nice until it was cooked he just couldn’t keep himself out of trouble!  He has now decided that teriyaki should in fact be called ‘teri-yucky’ because it’s horrible!  I bet he changes his mind when he sees (and smells) it on Christmas Day!

Photo_1By that stage it really was late and Raz was getting grumpy so we all headed off to bed.

December 24

Christmas Eve was great.  Esther and I spent a little more time together before she headed off back to her family and then the boys and I got stuck in with all the food preparations.  I tried to make it as easy on myself as possible and getting all the marinades done ahead of time worked out brilliantly.

We also made a yummy white chocolate rocky road for the kids and I’m pretty sure Dougal and Toby were pinching the marshmallows as we made it! 

While the boys were having a little afternoon nap I got all the presents wrapped and hidden away again… I’m not trusting Dougal this year after he renamed all the presents for himself!

By the time the boys had woken up again it was pouring with rain so Mikayla and I sorted out some Christmas movies to watch and we had a lovely time being entertained.  The boys snuggled down on the sofa with us and it was wonderful.

There was also a fair bit of ‘wondering’ going on… you know what kids are like! 

I ‘wonder’…

  • what Santa will bring me?
  • what Grandma will bring me?
  • if Mumma will like what I got her?
  • how many presents will be under the tree for me tomorrow?
  • what time will we have Christmas lunch?

After dinner they had ‘wondered’ themselves out so Mikayla got out their December story from last year and they all settled down by the tree to read it.  It was such a lovely time to watch them all together.


Of course, once Toby heard the click of the camera he HAD to pose for me!


Dougal was very happy with this page because of all the red glitter!!!  He went off to sleep dreaming of sparkly things :)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Feel Good Friday

Hi everyone :)

Today is the last Friday for 2013!  I’ve got the music to ‘All is Calm, All is Bright’ stuck in my head so I went looking for pictures of ‘calm’ and kept coming back to one of my favourite blogs so this week all the images are from Honeycomb Creative.


The blog is by Courtney and here’s how she describes her blog:  This blog is mostly about my adventures in decorating, a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I'd describe my style as farmhouse industrial with a touch of vintage minimalism. I try to achieve this look on a budget and hope to share some of my tips and tricks for thrifty finds with you. I love things that are light and airy and strive to use neutrals in most of my decor.

I really like her home d├ęcor ideas, her use of neutrals and her budget conscious ideas.  I picked several of my favourite images from her blog for this weeks Feel Good Friday:

week 52 - calm

I don’t know about you, but these images whisper ‘calm’ to me.  My album is almost full… there’s just the back page to do and I’ve got an idea in mind for that which I’m hoping to share with you before 2014 begins.

For those of you missing the ‘Dougal updates’ aka December Daily, I’m planning on doing a big update on the last few days later on today.

Happy Friday everyone xx